Mocca Arts Fest

Hello everyone!  If you’re an illustrator, you’ve probably heard of the society of illustrators. They have an awesome museum, and cool events you can go to if you’re close to the N.Y.C. area. This past weekend I got to travel to the Big Apple to see the MoCCA Arts Festival, and let me tell you, it was a blast. Though my legs hurt quite a bit after from all the walking I did, it was totally worth it when getting to meet so many artists with so many varied styles.

When entering, they gave you a cool book with pictures and writing about the presenters and exhibitors. In the main rooms, you got thrown into a huge crowd where table after table of artists (Mostly illustrators) sold their awesome pieces. There were colleges there with printed portfolios of their graduating seniors, illustration and comic books sort of like the annual the Society of Illustrators makes there. Those were free and up for grabs, so you know that I grabbed one of each so I could look at them for inspiration on a rainy day! Their works included a book for illustration, one for cartooning, and another for comics!

Senior Portfolios that were being given away for free

Also attending were artists who did prints in double color and triple color, as well as artists whose work I had funnily enough put up on my inspiration board for my digital illustration class! I picked up some postcards from her, and I also picked up business cards like crazy! I didn’t miss a change to drop mine off at a table either!

I overall loved the experience, getting to see other artists with different inspirations, meeting people I admired, as well as seeing famous ones from afar (The guys from the YouTube channel Drawfee were there! They’re hilarious!) With the tickets having been only $7 to get in, you know I’ll definitely be there again next year! Hope to see you there!

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