MoMA Reopening

After four (very long) months of renovation, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has officially reopened. This past Friday I went on the NYC bus trip to see not the Met, but the new and improved MOMA. With this renovation, not only did they expand the over all gallery space by  40,000 square feet , but they also brought out more of their collection in storage. Not only is there more work from storage from the classics of modern art such as Picasso and Warhol, but there has also been the addition of artists from under represented populations in art such as women artists, artists of color, queer artists, and indigenous artists. These much needed additions are a great expansion into the art world. 

Adding an intersectionality of lenses in which we can view art is a gift to the art world, and it’s finally, after much too long, the time for these artists to take the spotlight. The museum did a wonderful job at renovating the space so it was not just familiar, but refreshing. The changes in the collection also spark the same nostalgia as always but the addition of these underrepresented artists is a refreshing take on where the art world should be going. This is quite a big deal as if one of the most well known modern art museums in the United States can make these addition, it will move other museums to take the same steps. This will be great to the addition of a deeper understanding of art and how it relates to identity. 

Having the ability to go to a space and access art such as this is almost a rarity, especially considering that the work of impactful artists are together in one room, juxtaposing one another. It truly is a unique and incredible experience.  If you find yourself in New York anytime soon I HIGHLY recommend stopping by the new and improved MoMA, take some time to walk around, and experience it for yourself.


Featured Image: Haim Steinbach

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