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Zeta Omicron

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Zeta Omicron is an honors art society that is open to all art majors! There is a yearly fee involved alongside a GPA requirement. First time members need to pay $30 dues and returning members need to pay $15 dues. Students are required to have a minimum overall 3.0 GPA and an overall 3.25+ in your major. The organization is a great way to enhance your experience as an art major on campus. We participate in on campus events, volunteer opportunities, group activities, and a group club member gallery exhibition each year!

Our first meeting will be on Thursday, Oct. 19 2023 at 9pm on the second floor of Insalaco. Dues will be collected from then until Thursday, Nov. 2.

If you have any questions you can contact

Photography Courses

Free Pathway Along the Pine Trees Stock Photo

There are three photography courses being offered this spring semester that are a great opportunity for photography majors, art majors or minors, Shutterbugs Photo club students, people seeking a fine arts course fulfillment, or those with a general interest in photography!

Firstly, Basic Photography Art 315A is a low stress introductory course to photography as a whole. Photography majors and minors are required to take this course!

Secondly, Color Photography Art 318A aims to help students from beginners to advanced refine their use of color within their photos. Again, this is a relatively low stress course that seeks to improve upon the students photography skills.

Lastly, History of Photography Art 432 aims to teach students the history of photography beginning in the 1800s up to contemporary work. This course is great for all the aforementioned reasons though additionally is offered online which fits everyone’s schedule!

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