More Coffee Please!

The other day I went with a friend to The Witches Brew, an aesthetically pleasing hipster coffee shop in West Hempstead on Long Island. The best time to go is at night when everything is darkly lit and string lights and candles provide the only light in the place. The ambiance of this quaint shop is beautiful with its different vintage tables, decorations, and seats. Every time you go there is a new experience and no place in the small sit down coffee shop is ever the same which makes it interesting.

If you love coffee, there are many types of coffee drinks you can order. Not a fan of coffee? There is a long list of various loose leaf teas as well and hot chocolate for those who don’t like coffee or tea. Have a sweet tooth? Desserts such as cannoli’s and crème brulee are served along with meals for lunch and dinner. There is something there for everyone and is a great place to bring some of your friends.

Coffee shops are not only a great place to hang out and have some drinks with friends, but also a great place to get ideas. If you have a local coffee shop near you, it’s a good place to sit down for a while with a cup of tea or coffee and a pastry and look around you to find ideas about your next project. I suggest a window seat in the corner where you won’t be bothered to sit down with your sketchbook to draw for a hour or two. Sometimes it’s hard to get new ideas when you are in the same setting constantly whether it’s your workplace, school, or your own home. Get out of the house for a little bit and focus on looking around a coffee shop that you like, outside the window onto a busy street or even sitting on a park bench.

Your sketches don’t have to be anything in particular. They could be quick thumbnails or long thought out sketches. Whether it is the architecture of the shop, the designs of the coffee cups and menu, or just the ambience giving you ideas, small coffee shops are incredible places to gather thoughts and ideas especially if you are going through a dry episode. From coffee stains on a napkin to the styles of the people around you to the setup of the coffee shop itself, there are many subjects around that are perfect for your next project. Find a place you like that’s nearby and be inspired. Remember, art is everywhere; you just have to notice it.

Featured Image by: Pixabay

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