More Crayon

Using both the felt pen and crayons, I have been continuing my exploration with this combination. The drawing below is more so of the felt pen; the dark shadow and the aggressive line work across the figure. I only used a darker green to outline, an orange for the lit cigarette, and the creme color for the mortarman. I made the bottom of the figure flow into the whitespace to create a unique composition as well. I also drew inspiration from vintage pulpart covers.

Untitled 1

“MORTARMAN” – Felt Pen and Crayon on Paper, WWII US Army Mortrman

This illustration uses more of the crayons. Although there is a good amount of line work, I made it important to capture the vibrancy of the color. I took inspiration from J.C. Leyendecker for the “floating” head and hand. This white space in-between the two parts is empty, but you can almost see where his torso and arm are.

Untitled 6

“BREEZY POINT” – Felt Pen and Crayon on Paper

More to come next week continuing forward with these mediums.

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