Movie Poster Illustration

For my first digital illustration project I have to create a movie poster based on either a movie I love or a movie I hate. I don’t watch a lot of movies, but I typically enjoy comedies and horror movies, so that helped narrow it down for what movie to chose. I ended up settling on the movie Hocus Pocus since it’s one of my favorite movies. If you haven’t seen Hocus Pocus I definitely recommend it.

The movie is about the Sanderson sisters who are 3 witches that are brought back to life on Halloween night. The only way they can become immortal is to take the lives of children and 4 characters named Max, Dani, Alison and Binx attempt to stop them.

I just started the project and so far I only have really simple thumbnail sketches and random doodles. Right now I have a couple ideas. My first idea for my poster is to recreate the scene in the movie where Dani is being swooped up and captured by one of the witches on a broomstick. This scene took place in a graveyard so I would have to recreate that also. If I chose this scene there will be tons of movement I’ll have to create and getting the composition just right will be important to make it interesting. My second idea is to transform the 3 witches into cats since cats are a symbol of death and place them in their house in front of a cauldron. My last idea for the poster is to illustrate the witches and Dani, Max and Alison fighting over the spell book that is shown throughout the movie. Which to choose?

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