Hey everybody, in honor of the game Magic the Gathering’s core set 2020 release coming up, I wanted to open a discussion about how playing Magic is a really wonderful opportunity to look at some beautiful art and find new artists to look up.

The set will launch on July 12th, although you can preorder cards or a even a whole booster box set (the latter being pretty pricey, but worth it if you’re really into Magic. Magic is a game that my boyfriend really got me into during the summer before my second year of school and it was recently named the most intricate card game out there meaning there are no algorithms that can be used to predict the outcome of a game or to predict a winner (there’s just way too much going on!).

I really love Magic because it’s helped me find some really cool artists and this game has been around for years-since 1993 in fact. Some of my favorite artists include Rebecca Guay and Quinton Hoover. I really encourage trying out the game to have fun and look at some great art!

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