Mural Hunting

With Easter right around the corner, and warm weather in full effect, I’ve had nothing but planning out my summer on my mind lately. This past summer I loved to take trips with my friends to Washington D.C. and Downtown Annapolis, and at first it was by coincidence that we would pass by a cool mural or two. Then it became an adventure, which I now call: mural hunting. We would specifically set out days where we would go out finding murals so we could take cool pictures of them. I never realized how many were in my area, and a lot of them featured historical events or people local to Maryland and D.C., which really fascinated me.

colorful fish abstract muralSaying I found inspiration in looking at murals would be an understatement. It amazes me how talented people are, and how they come up with these cool ideas to turn into giant masterpieces on the walls of buildings. They’re literally found anywhere: on restaurants, outside stores, in parks, you name it. There’s specifically an area in Annapolis called the Annapolis Design District, and I have yet to explore the entire area to see all the murals it has to offer. That’ll definitely be where you can find me this summer.

My favorite mural that I’ve come across so far is at Park Place in Annapolis. I actually discovered it with a friend about a week after I had to do jury duty one morning and I parked in the hotel right next to it. It was created by a bunch of Brazilian artists for the Maryland Theater for the Performance Arts and it kinda feels like a hidden treasure because it’s not the easiest to find. It’s underneath a walkway, so it’s a cool surprise when you happen to be walking by and see it.

Colorful abstract mural of a mermaid

There’s also a bunch you can find when walking the streets of Downtown Annapolis. I always stop by to look at this one on the side of the restaurant, Lemongrass, because there’s a cute little hot chocolate and coffee stand right next to it, so its a win-win kind of situation. Also, next to the Metropolitan Kitchen and Lounge, at first you just see a collage of black and white dots but they make up a screaming face, which is just so cool to me. There’s even a mural on the side of my mom’s dentists office, so you can find them everywhere and I’m not complaining!

Basically, I’m preparing for mural hunting to take over my entire summer. It totally inspires me as a graphic designer, as I love seeing other artist’s work! Art is present in our everyday lives, and most of the time people don’t even take a second glance, but not me. You can find me looking at it long enough for the both of us.



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