Sculpture Sketches

Last week I talked about how I want to make a sculpture based on the sculptures I saw while I was in Paris. I actually started to make one and it is a small one that is basically a “sketch.”  I want to make one much bigger than the one that I just made, and I think that I am going to make it out of air dry clay, that way I do not have to worry about hollowing it out or the possibility of it blowing up in the kiln. I made this one look like Rodin’s sculpture that I was in the D’Orsay. I have to give so much credit to people who sculpt regularly because I find it to be very difficult to but a lot of detail into something that is so tiny.

When I am sculpting I feel like I can envision what I want the outcome to be, but to get the the point that it actually looks like what I am trying to accomplish is very difficult. The little sculpture that I just made is probably 7 inches high and the torso is the size of my palm. I think that I am going to have a much easier time making my larger one because I will have more clay to work with. I am making this for the show that is going to be in downtown Scranton at the AFA Gallery on First Friday Scranton in May 2017. I think after I make it out of the air dry clay that I am going to let it harden and then paint it or just out a clear coat over it and keep the white clay showing. My small one is definitely a rough draft and I did it in about a half hour but I cannot wait to make the large one! 🙂



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