MUSATA at First Friday

Our art therapy club on campus is having their First Friday on November 2nd! Last semester, MUSATA (Marywood University’s Art Therapy Association) presented their own show within the gallery on campus. This First Friday will be a jump for our club, but a great opportunity to present work professionally and promote art therapy in the best way we all know how – with art!

Our theme for this “Forward Toward Growth.” This theme is inspired by Abraham Maslow, the humanistic psychologist, who stated, “One can choose to go backward toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.” Maslow gives much inspiration and motviation not only in the field of psychology, but in art therapy as well. Maslow’s theme for our first First Friday show and the meaning behind it is to reflect in the pieces shown. Members in our Art Therapy club will create and submit such pieces their own “forward toward growth” and how they have grown in such a way through their paths of life. Accompanying the pieces made by potential art therapists will be an ensemble by potential music therapists! I am so excited to see the pieces made and presented in the space, to hear the beautiful sounds from another group of the expressive arts, and to experience this all in just one night!

First Friday on Novemeber 2nd in Scranton, Pennsylvania at The Leonard Theater – if you are available to come, please come witness all of the creativity! We would LOVE to have all of you!

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