My Daughter—Myself

Faculty Guest Blogger: Lori Ann Brunetti

Lori Ann Brunetti: After being a part of numerous group exhibitions, I am excited to be preparing for my first solo show, “The Evolution of Olivia Grace,” which will feature images of my daughter taken over a span of twelve years. The exhibition will take place at Camera Works in Scranton during the month of October, 2016.

Preparation for a solo show is entirely different than preparing for a group exhibition. In most cases, one or two images get selected for a group exhibition. A solo show often requires 20 or more images. If matting and framing are required, time and money are key factors and should be considered before the idea for a solo show is submitted.

I have photographed all sorts of subject matter during the twelve years involved in this project, but the photographs of Olivia continue to be my favorites. They are not typical portraits of a child in any way, shape, or form because that was never my intent. Most are influenced by my interest in the early history of photography and black and white film photography, which are the two courses I am fortunate enough to teach.

Even though Olivia and I have aged and transitioned throughout the years, my style of photography remains the same in certain aspects. Black and white film, darkroom printing, and a desire to draw attention to the medium through the beauty of ‘the photograph’ have remained constants in my approach.

I have learned many things as a photographer and preparing for this exhibition has tapped into what I find most important: always thinking in terms of composition (regardless of subject matter), strict attention to technical details, keeping organized files, submitting work for juried exhibitions whenever possible, and quickly moving on when it just doesn’t feel right.

The evolution of Olivia Grace parallels my own evolution as a human being and as an artist. I have had a long run of being ‘in the zone’ photographically, thanks to Olivia. She has inspired me in ways that cannot be explained. There is no simple way to express my gratitude for her collaboration. Hopefully, this exhibition will be a start.

Lori Ann Brunetti is an Adjunct Professor of Photography at Marywood University. To learn more about her work, visit or follow her in Instagram at

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