New Year, New Semester

As winter break wraps up I can honestly say I am ready for a new semester of classes. Do not get me wrong, I truly enjoyed every moment of no major responsibilities and pure relaxation. However, I am so excited for my classes this semester because a majority of my classes are within my major and minors and I could not be any happier!

I am very happy especially since this semester I will be taking two art history courses: Art in the Modern Era and Green Piece: Art and Nature in America. I am especially looking forward to the Green Piece: Art and Nature in America course! As soon as I read the course description—a course discovering the connections between art and natural history in America from the time of the early explorer naturalists to contemporary earth artists—I knew I definitely wanted to take it. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am highly influenced by nature and I am very excited to learn about other artists who were inspired by nature and see their work. Along with these two art history classes I am excited to be taking a regular history course as well. This history course will be discussing topics among racial, ethnic, and other (gender, age, sexual orientation) diverse groups, which I also have quite a bit of interest in.

This semester I will also be taking The History of Art Education and Art Education in the Elementary, which are two courses that apply towards my art education degree. I am very excited for these two courses because they are my first official art education classes! I cannot wait to learn all that I need to know for when I become an art teacher.

The last two courses I have for this semester are Basic Printmaking and Tap Dancing, which I am also looking forward to as well!

This semester will be another busy schedule but it is nothing I cannot handle. I am truly looking forward to a new semester of new things I never learned before that will help me now and for my future!

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