My Final Post

Hi hello everyone! Today marks my last blog post with Where Creativity Works. It has been an absolute privilege to be able to make content every week for all to enjoy. This blog has given me the opportunity to look inwards and document what I found interesting within the courses I am studying. I hope that over the course of my time writing, that I was able to spark someone’s interest in the art world.

Marywood University has provided me with more than I ever intended. I came to this university during a time in my life when I was confused about where I wanted to go next in the world. Marywood has given me an abundance of opportunities to grow my internal and external knowledge and skills. I found a community here at Marywood that not only accepted me, but they celebrated me. For someone like me, who transferred from a school where she was just a number in a small box to a school like Marywood, where everyone wanted to see me succeed, was true bliss.

Thank you Marywood for helping me see the greatness and potential within myself. Thank you Marywood for providing me with Professors who were genuinely the most kind people I have ever met. Thank you Marywood for providing me with the tools to advance my art making skills. I cannot thank those enough who helped me along my academic journey, but I am beyond humbled about my experience here at Marywood University. I am grateful to be graduating this semester, I could not have done it without the support from my Marywood family.

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