My Internship

Hello all!

Now that the spring semester is officially over, I want to talk about a fun experience I had this semester. I was lucky enough to score a fun internship! This past semester, I spent a few hours a week designing for Chartwells Dining Services at Marywood University.

This was a lot of fun. I loved that I got the chance to design for a company and see the designs as I travel around campus. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing your designs around you.

My position was Marketing and Graphic Design Intern. Which was a lot of fun because it tied in my major and my minor. I love that I was able to see both the design and marketing aspects of advertisements.

My duties consisted of designing all the advertisements for the dining hall events. This was fun, because I got to experience designing in multiple formats, for example, web advertisements, tv advertisements, and print advertisements.

The designs I created were posted around campus and on Chartwells at Marywood’s social media.

Here are some of the designs I created:

All together, I am beyond grateful that I got to have this experience. Thank you Chartwells, for a fun semester!

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