Summer Time

This semester has finally come to an end! In this post, I would like to reflect on this past semester and what life has in store for me next!

This past semester, I explored a lot artistically. I had my first studio course with a completely different material—Fiber Arts! Taking weaving was truly an experience. Although snow days got in the way, studio time was extremely enjoyable. I am so used to pens, watercolors, and paints, so now working with string, needles, and looms… it was all so different. My final product of this class was a scarf, which consisted of navy blue, red, beige, and white thread. There are not too many products I create that I feel so proud of, but this scarf proved me wrong! I hope to get back into the weaving studio next semester with any free time I have.

Also, this past semester, I have started sketching more and more and developed more of a style of my own. I’m excited to keep sketching and make more paintings over the course of the summer! Next semester, I get back to my old materials in my painting studio. I’m eager to see where this summer takes me and my paintings!

Its been one heck of a semester, but I made it through. With all of the ups and downs, art was definitely there when I needed it to be. I am ready to explore more this summer and prepare for my art next semester.

Featured Image: [a stripe in my scarf!]

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