Natural Contrast

This past Thursday while I was on break in class, I noticed a pretty interesting lighting circumstance occurring outside and decided to shoot as much as I had time for.

It was remarkable to me, this deep rolling fog coming over the perimeter of the valley that sort of blurred the line between the sky and the ground. At first I just shot what I could see immediately from my classroom window; I kept finding myself staring at the way the trees branches were snaking around, and the juxtaposition of those organic forms with the more strictly linear nature of the window’s frame fascinated me. It was only extra that the days cloud cover provided what was essentially a giant soft-box in the sky, brilliantly accenting the varying hues of the leaves. After walking to the area where the hallway starts, lined with offices on one side and a near complete wall of glass on the other, I noticed what was happening in the distance.

A dense blanket of fog that certainly isn’t done proper justice by these photos, hung in the distance. I was interested mainly by the interaction of the clouds/fog, the mountains, and the library; the same sort of rules of aesthetic came into play with this set as before. Strictly organic forms and strictly linear forms were laid over each other, creating a natural contrast.

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