Decorating Mason Jars

The other day I went to a program held by my RA (Dorm Resident Assistant) where I was able to paint and decorate a mason jar. I live in Regina Hall and the program was just held in one of the lounges so residents could bond and have some fun. I went to the program with my roommates. When we got there, there were many different sized jars. There were ones short in length but wider in width and there were also taller skinnier ones. To decorate the jars there were paints, glitter, sequins, string, and other decorations to use and I had no idea where to begin with decorating my jar.

I ended up picking a smaller mason jar with a lid to start with and began painting it. I mixed purple, red, and white to create a plum color. Once the color was mixed I started painting it on the jar pretty thick. While I was waiting for that mason jar to dry I decided to start decorating another one. I settled on a taller mason jar without a lid.

Instead of painting the second jar the same color I mixed an orange-peach color and painted it that. Then while the second jar dried I went back to the first jar and painted a thin coat of mod podge overtop the color just to seal the color and prevent it from coming off. After painting a thin coat of mod podge on the jar I started gathering sequins to put on both my jars. I didn’t want my jars to be too colorful, so I picked out gold sequins including stars, seashells, dots, flowers, etc. I still didn’t really have a plan on what I was doing, so I just started gluing the sequins onto the plum jar at random.

Once I was done decorating the plum jar I moved onto the peach one, added a coat of mod podge on top and then glued on gold dot sequins just to give it a cute but simpler look. Some other time I might get string and add those to both jars, but for now I’m happy with how they came out. Overall, decorating the jars was fun and I’m glad I went to the program.




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