Natural Inspirations

Inspiration comes in strange ways and can often be illusive. I’ve had times where ideas flood my brain to the point that I need to write them down and make a list to try and get through them all – and other times when I really can’t think of a single good thing to make.

I have discovered over the course of the last few years that one of the very best solutions to a dearth of creative inspiration is to just have activities, or hobbies that you enjoy. Activities that no one is forcing you to do them and you’ve chosen to because you enjoy it. By it’s nature then, a hobby is something that probably makes you happy and gives you lots to think about, things to practice and stories to tell.

it doesn’t quite matter what you do just so long as you enjoy it. For myself i like hands on outdoors activities. Getting outside, hiking building, fishing, learning about old-school skills. It’s all extremely rewarding to me and each activity leads me to find new related activities to try.

What I realized though is that once you have passions and hobbies to enjoy they in turn give you creative sparks, you get ideas and make plans and they almost never leave you dry.

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