A Highlight – Digital Illustration

To end the semester, I’m sure everyone was rushing to get all their work done and, transitioning to home schooling was an extra challenge on top of it!

Many people assumed that it would be easier for me to make the transition since my major is mostly on the computer, but I’m definitely more of a visual learner and have to see what I’m doing first hand from my teachers to understand the process better. Getting help from my teachers was a mixed bag, since they had to transition to digitally teaching. Some professors responded quickly, and others not as much. Overall, this semester was honestly brutal!

The things to focus on are that it is over and there are more amazing things coming our way. That’s why I’m taking this blog post to highlight a project that took me hours beyond hours to finish at home.

For my Digital Illustration class, we had to start the semester coming up with a story, and transferring it to all the projects we do the semester. My story was based on a made up video game, and the first project was character design sheets. That was my favorite giving them emotions and having personalities, and would prove to be helpful in the upcoming projects!

Then, we would go into making visuals of the setting. This was fun placing the characters into their habitats.

After this, we did a title poster for our stories/comics/games!

And finally, we had one more project. The hardest and most consuming of all – a 2 page comic of our story!

This class was definitely difficult, but it encouraged me to buy a drawing tablet (definitely needed) and made me continue with the same characters for a stretch of a few months, so I was able to fully develop them!

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