Online Gallery Reflection: Christopher Le Brun

Christopher Le Bruan is a British painter who recently had his work shown at the Lisson Gallery in Shanghai. For this exhibit, Christopher chose to display only diptychs using contrasting colors. His reasoning behind this was to play with the viewers perception of the pieces. Instead of viewing the entire image in one instant and moving on, the contrasting elements force your eyes to shift between the two canvases and process the piece over time.

At first, I was interested visually because again I could see marks and gestures similar to ones that I have applied in my own work. That always catches someone’s interest. I can always use a new color scheme and or idea of how I would like to apply my paint. After reading the concepts behind the artwork I personally was floored. I have no idea how to respond to this. What a great concept behind the work. Sadly knowing the true effects will be difficult until they are seen in reality.  I have actually looked through the work several times. this is an artist that i will be looking int to in the future.

If you’d like to read more about Christopher’s concept, and see more works from his exhibit, you can do so here!

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