New Development – Colored Pencils

Now drawing more realistically, I am carrying over some techniques from the caricatures. Placing focus on the head and key points of the figure is one aspect. If you see below, I do draw the shoulders, etc., but I keep it vague which should be leading your eyes to the faces. The bold and distinct black outline is key as well.

I am also using the vibrant color again; it makes the illustrations glow. One of the biggest parts that I am bringing over is the line work. Leaving the brightest highlights for last, I pencil in just lines. Just recently with these have I been even adding the darks in lines too. If you notice, these are done on paper, opposed to newsprint, which I have been using for a few weeks.

“SING” – Colored Pencil on Paper
Untitled 7
“GREEN” – Colored Pencil on Paper
Untitled 6
“WONDER” – Colored Pencil on Paper
“UNWIND” – Colored Pencil on Paper

In a way, these are similar to my fly fisherman drawings from a few posts back, but instead I am focusing on the faces. I am going to continue with this technique, taking a break from caricatures, but will attempt to improve this style as well.

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