Seeing Three

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a great week! This week I worked on a multiplicity project for my Photoshop Class. My professor told us to take at a minimum of two pictures in the same setting without moving the camera and just moving the subject that we were photographing.

At the beginning of this project I didn’t have a single idea on what I wanted to photograph multiple times. It took me a couple days after he assigned the project before an idea came to me.

I got my idea for this project by looking at my little sister and how she was moping around the house out of boredom as she’s not allowed to leave the house. I noticed her first look of boredom while she was sitting on the couch watching the television.

Once I saw her sitting on the couch in a state of complete boredom I knew what I was going to do for this project. I quickly went and got my camera and told her that I was taking her pictures. She objected at first, but then she finally let me take her pictures. I did have to bribe her with a bowl of ice cream before dinner without my dad’s knowledge of that happening.

For the project I took three photographs in total. I took one photograph for each cushion we have on our couch. The first photograph I had her sitting on the cushion leaning on the arm rest. The second photograph I had her sit criss cross applesauce with her elbows leaning on her legs supporting her head. And the third and final photograph I had her sitting on the other armrest with her legs spread out towards the middle cushion.

Here are the three photographs before they are used to create the multiplicity photograph.

The First Photograph
The Second Photograph
The Third Photograph

To finish the project I took the three photographs above and placed them in a stack in Adobe Photoshop. Once they were in a stack I started to reveal one of my little sister from the layer below using a layer mask until I had all three of her on one layer. Here is the result of my multiplicity photograph.

The Multiplicity Photograph

That’s all for this week. Stay safe! Stay healthy! I’ll talk to you all next week!

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