New Family Members

On New Years Day I adopted two little baby rats and welcomed them to my family. They are both girls, one named Mabel and the other Louise. Names from my two favorite cartoons, Bobs Burgers and Gravity Falls, which are actually voiced by the same actor. They have very different personalities from each other but always cuddle when its nap time. Mabel is still very shy but she is also very calm while Louise is so active and moves so fast especially when she climbs. But, they both love food, especially cheerios and their yogies.

I have been taking so many pictures of my ratties that I decided to try to paint them. At first I wanted to draw them on grey paper with charcoal but it seems that I left all of my pencils at the dorm so I can not do that until I get back.

This painting is already staring to make me stressed. I am not the best at mixing colors especially when it came to the wood, so I had to paint it darker. Also, sense their heads are black it made painting Mabel difficult. It is hard to separate her black fur with the darkness around her within the hole.

Since this painting has already took so much out of me mentally I am hoping to get it done by my next blog post. Therefore, I can keep going back to it with fresh eyes.

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