Next Semester

This week was registration, and thankfully I was able to get into all my classes. I am really excited for Green Piece as my art history elective. Its not like any other history class I’ve had before, so I am interested on how it will turn out. I am also taking Art in the Modern Era, along with two business classes and two general education classes. I really like how my schedule is planed and hopefully I like my teachers next semester along with their classes.

Other than that, this week has been pretty stressful. Finals are approaching so I needed to start on all of my papers. I also started to slowly pack up my dorm so I don’t have to struggle the last day to take everything home. I am going to motivate myself over Easter break to get a lot of my work done so I don’t do my work last second.

One of my finals is a paper for French Revolution. I want to do the paper on Jacques-Louis David and how he was an artist and was a revolutionary, especially how he painted events of the French Revolution. Some examples are The Death of Marat and The Tennis Court Oath. I still need to do a lot of research but hopefully I will be able to write a great paper on David, if not I am sure I will find something else!

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