No Time for Light

My 6th week of the semester is in the bag. Before you know it the semester will be over. Sometimes they just don’t make enough time. I never have enough of it, I am always wanting more of it, but when I do have it, I waste it. A little off topic for my Marywood photography blog posts, but it is fitting for the week I have had. I need a lot of time to take pictures, but Time and Weather love to torment me. I wanted to photograph Monday after school but it started raining so nothing but time to waste then. Tuesday and Wednesday are my late classes till 9pm so no time to shoot any photographs or sleep those days. (DVR is getting full; please don’t tell me the score of the Steelers game) Thursday more rain after class. So Friday I don’t have class so my friend and I hurried out and grabbed some photo time before the rain started. Saturday… Rain. WOW was Sunday a great day for shooting photos. But once again time was not on my side, I had too many things planned for Sunday. But I did manage to take a few images before I headed up to a local Haunted Hayride where I drive a tractor.

Here’s a rundown of my courses and projects:

Color Photography: I’m dealing with a work in progress on my window/reflection project. At this point I’m not too sure where I am going but maybe in time I will figure it out.

Advertising Photography: Work in progress. More on that soon.

Zeta Omicron, Kappa Pi: On Sunday my art honor society (Zeta Omicron) was setting up our annual member art show to show off our work. These are always fun and interesting times. The opening reception is Wed, Oct 7th at 9pm and the show runs through October 29, 2015 in the Kresge Gallery, located in the lobby of the Insalaco Center for Studio Art. Stop by and check it out.

Hopefully by next week I will have more time and more to share!

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