Non-objective Paintings

During my last semester at Marywood University, I took a painting class. Among the assignments, I had in that course three of them were to paint non-objective paintings in monotone, duotone, and tritone. The assignment was flexible with how to construct the painting, it only needed to be nonobjective/abstract. I sketched about six concepts and my professor picked three for me to paint. I used acrylic paint for all three paintings and they were primed with gesso prior, creating the best platform for the paint to be displayed on.

The first painting I did was tritone colors yellow, orange, and red. I wanted the painting to look bold and striking so along with the palette I out-lined everything in a thick black stroke. I wanted to create layers around a blob kind of like radiating waves and the triangles add contrast to forms already established. The triangles also remind me of Nacho Cheese Chips.

The second painting was duotone colors brown and mint green. I wanted to create a split environment with shapes that resemble a city and planets. I chose to make the weight of the lines lighter than the last image to have a more relaxing mood. It’s a mint chocolate scenery!

The final painting was made with only blue tones. I wanted the piece to flow and have a mysterious mood to it. The right side has a half of a eye which brings a mystic feeling to it and the rest of the painting stems from it. I get H.P. love craft vibes from it and it’s my personal favorite of the three.

All the paintings were done on 8″ x 6″ canvas board, and Winston & Newton Acrylic Paint. Very fun project and great foundation exercise!

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