Hello!  Ok so I will admit, the beginning of the summer has gotten away from me.  I may not have a lot of progress to show but I have been thinking about the project I most recently started and had some breakthroughs.

I tend to overthink things and I often get in my own way but I think putting some time and thought into this project may have been the right way to go.  Part of my struggle when imagining how I would construct my sculpture was how the individual pieces would connect with each other.  In my vision for the piece, there really isn’t a connection- in my magical thinking for this silhouette, the head and hands would have a haunting, ethereal quality posed around a hollow body.  After considering my art as a whole, I’m realizing the best way to accomplish my goal is to remember my strengths and not limit myself to one medium.

Tumnus Moran Chalkboard Sketches

I am realizing that some of the pieces I am most proud of are my three dimensional mixed media figures.  Between the joy I experience when working with clay and in the medium of ceramic and the self fulfillment that comes from putting my mixed media “puzzles” together- I’m coming to the realization that allowing my planning process for my sculpture to include other materials may be the key to understanding how to translate my ideas.

Tumnus Moran Chalkboard Sketches Hand Idea

For example, the ghostly hands and head of my current project may feel awkward to mount on the body of my figure, the shapes feel too heavy and out of place.  But I love working with wire and can picture this piece including metal.  The plan moving forward is to be able to combine my pieces by threading them together.  This seems like it should allow the most important masses of my figure to support themselves in the greater composition.  This leads me down a bit of a project planning rabbit-hole!  If I can wire my ceramics together there is no reason I can’t begin to create more articulated figures!

What’s Playing– Sometimes Spotify gives me a random song that’s so endearing I end up adding it to my daily mix just because- here’s Code Monkey.  Go find a new random favorite!

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