Motivational Artist: Jesús Moròn

Upon continuation of my search for more influential artists that can inspire me to branch out of my style, I found a more contemporary Instagram artist that had piqued my interest. The individual is Jesús Moròn, and he is a Spanish artist who focuses on graphite and charcoal to depict religious-inspired events/figures and recreate the works of renaissance artists. Like many other artists I look up to, Moròn has a level of technical ability and keen sense of rendering form that I find to be influential in motivating me to get better in my own work!

Some Analysis of Technique

As seen with the works above, Jesús Moròn is able to render form with charcoal and graphite extremely well. Despite the composition being predominantly central, there is so much detail and value in its figures, that it manages to grasp the viewers attention and create a impactful work of art. In addition to this, the works implement a dramatic contrast from light to dark that I find to be really interesting as well, in rendering form. It causes the muscles and facial structure of each figure to be emphasized and feel more pronounced. This is especially noticeable in areas like the legs, shoulders, and jawline, as they all feel like distinct focal points throughout the work.

Nonetheless, these are all elements of art, and stylistic choices that I find will be beneficial in starting my future projects! I feel like with the subject matter that I am choosing to work with, contrast, and a distinct separation between shadow and highlight will be beneficial in creating pieces that are captivating and technically proficient!

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