Journey into Jasperware

Today, let’s talk about a very unique and interesting type of pottery called jasperware.

Jasperware is a type of pottery that was developed in the 1770s by Josiah Wedgewood. The pottery is made with an unglazed matte finish and can be made in many colors, but is most recognizable in the signature light blue as seen below.

Relief decoration is added to the pottery in a different color which contrasts the base color and gives the pottery a look that is reminiscent of Neoclassical style composition. This pottery style is extremely interesting to me, and it reminds me of the pottery made by the ancient Greeks, but with a more classical, elegant style that is so beautiful and unique!

Josiah Wedgewood’s pottery quickly became extremely popular and inspired many artists around England as the business grew, and Wedgewood’s business still produces jasperware today!

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