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Hello everyone! A few weeks ago, the art department every year plans to take a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, I was very excited since this would be my last year going, as I will be graduating in the spring. It was fun seeing all the artwork I’ve learned about in my art history classes. I was also excited to roam the streets of NYC and of course getting pizza. You can’t go to NYC without getting pizza! So me and my friends to a walk to a local pizza place and on the way there we took pictures, mostly street photography. It was kind of hard to take pictures since it was raining all the way to the pizza place and then back to the museum. Despite the rain, it made really for interesting images. All images turned into black and white to make them have a feeling and story to them!

This first image was taken on the way back to the museum. I came across this fruit stand that everyone was buying from. This shows a moment of what life is like in NYC, people buying fruit in the rain on the side of the street. When looking at this image it makes you wonder what everyone is buying?! I love the women in the white coat with her dog, she is the only person who is not wearing a dark jacket, which makes her stand out more in the image.

This second image is my favorite. When my friend and I were waiting to cross the street, we stood there and took images. When these people were walking I thought it would be interesting to photograph. When looking through them, I wasn’t loving it until I came across this image. People are perfectly in place, the scene did it’s justice and the lady with the pattern umbrella opened it for. perfect timing! This image was interesting in color but black and white made it tell a story.

image three

This image is one of my favorites too. When waiting to cross the road again, this lady was standing in front of me with an interesting jacket and a raindrop umbrella. I had to photograph her! Her jacket was amazing to look at, just her patiently waiting. Then this women came and stood next to her with a clear umbrella made the image tell its a rainy day in the city. The puddles, the umbrellas, the jackets, made for a great image! It’s something you don’t see here around Scranton, PA.

When looking through this gallery, I call it the Street Vendors of NYC. This was all taken outside of the MET museum. When looking through each vendor has their own little points of views. We see the people waiting as we can see the person inside is making the food, someone taking a phone call in their vendor, someone waiting for their food and is surrounded by all the signs with the different options. A vendor taking someone order, A vendor waiting for a customer, and lastly people standing in the rain talking as the background is lit up from the menus.


For my last image, I picked this picture taken in Central Park. I already walked through it when I saw this girl pass me. I waited at the end to see what she does, stop or continue to walk. Well she stopped! I Quickly captured her at the perfect spot. The opening of the bridge framing her, and when looking at her you seem to assume that if she was confused where she was going or just looking around. When I looked on my camera and saw the streaks of the light, I wasn’t sure if it were the image or raindrops on my camera but when looking at the image on my computer and edited it to a perfect black and white image, the smeared lights made it perfect!

I hope you enjoyed the stories of how I capture things in NYC and looking through the images. I hope it made you feel like you were in NYC on this rainy day!

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