Odd Light

Odd Light

This week is an odds and ends post. First off, we have a project in our color class called Light & Time. I was really excited for this project. I wanted to do some time-lapse photography and some before-and-after photography. Well, typical Pennsylvania weather did not want me to go out and take pictures of things blooming in springtime. As you can see from my two photographs, winter was not done! So I out-smarted Mother Nature and got some shots of how the sunlight was reflected and absorbed by the winter weather. Initially I wanted to do the cliché shots of things blooming over time. So maybe this was a sign from Mother Nature to “use the studio.” I can still hear that voice in my head, as if it was from my Light Jedi Master “Sam” saying it.

Oh and try to find the heart in my featured image!

So off I went to play in our gigananormous* photo studio here at Marywood. We have all the lights, soft boxes, backdrops, and toys to play with. All you need to bring is an idea and a model. Usually we just grab another Photo major or other unsuspecting victim from our lounge area. The hard part is our couches are so comfortable that prying people out of them is like pulling teeth! So here are some of my shots playing with light. Oh and a big thanks to Erika, my reluctant model and fellow light chaser! She is used to being behind the lens, not in front of it. What a great life here at Marywood!

*P.S. To design professor Sue Jenkins who helps us edit our posts, Gigananormous—an attempt to make up a word that would mean really freaking big.

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