Staying Connected

Being connected is an incredibly important aspect of being an artist. Whether it be connected to the community or connected to people working in a company you aspire to be hired to, it’s never a bad thing to have multiple connections. This is one of the things Marywood does that helps me and many other art and design student. We have featured artists come in or Skype with whoever wishes to be present and just talk about things (here’s more info if you want to check it out). As part of Marywood’s “CONNECT: The Business of Design and Illustration Speaker Series,” they talk about their careers, how they got started, how scary it was to get a job in the real world, and sometimes you even get to learn about their pets. These Connect speakers offer you an insight, even if it is a small one, into the big scary world and you should always take advantage of talking with them.

Another way to help yourself out is talk to your professors and advisors. They were where you are today and they know all you’re feeling! They might not be able to guarantee you assurance that your life will be perfect the second you graduate, but they can definitely help you find internships and network.

Speaking of networking, network. Networking will help you become known, at least a little bit (depending on how good you are). Anyone can be a network for you. You say you’re a designer, two days later they’re talking to their friend who just opened up an Italian Restaurant and need a logo, your acquaintance says they know a graphic designer and boom there’s a job for you! Networking is just super important and super helpful! So go out and get talking!

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