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Hello everyone!

So due to the overall craziness this past week has been for all of us, this week’s post may be short as it left a dry spell on my current projects but will hopefully be able to get back into it as online classes begin.

One of the projects wrapping up is a PowerPoint project for my Graphic Arts class. This is meant for me to refresh my knowledge in PowerPoint by creating a theme but most importantly focus on my presentation skills. Being that the semester will be online for the remainder of the semester I am unsure as to how this will pan out but luckily most of the work is complete.

So a theme in PowerPoint is a good way to set an atmosphere to what you’re presenting. For example, if I want to make a presentation on organic food or humane farming, you may want to use a theme that implies agriculture, farming, or just earthy tones. I set my theme to early 20th century history so for example, talking about the early history of baseball or the cause and effects of World War I.

One of the slides for the PowerPoint theme

So to achieve the theme I focused on the iconography and material of the time. This narrowed me down to Photoshop as I wouldn’t be able to effectively import these vintage newspapers and ads in illustrator while also creating a simple design and texture that implies early daguerreotypes or film. This is only 1 of 9 slides I needed to create for the theme but they all use the same elements and photos which I am rather proud about given how unique they ended up looking.

Hope you all enjoyed!

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