Old Project Fix Ups 

Learning the Ropes was my very first blog post where I talked about a wood sculpture project, The Flip Side, that I had made. The project was for Sculpture I and it had to be an abstract piece. Unfortunately a few weeks ago the piece fell apart because it was only being held together with hot glue. So I’ve definitely learned from my mistake that a piece that big can’t be held together with hot glue! My goal is to fix it but use wood glue this time instead.

It’ll probably take a long time for this project to be completed because it has to be done in separate pieces. After the bigger pieces dry I can put them all together. A lot of people would have just thrown out an old project like this but I really love this piece. It’s from my freshman year and I feel like it was one of my best works. So I feel like it’s worth the time putting it back together and making it better.


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