Teapot Update

Last week  I began to show you guys a teapot in the making, and now this pot is ready for the bisque fire! I’m a little uneasy about the pot as it is, running into a few bumps along the way. It was fun to throw, and I really enjoyed adding the slip afterwards. Unfortunately the slip had a lot of “grog” in it, which means it has sandy/gritty pieces in it. Usually this isn’t a problem, but it didn’t give the effect I was quite going for. I expected the slip to give the piece a flowing, organic look, but instead it looks a tad messy. So maybe once it’s glazed it’ll get a different look to it!

Anyway, I trimmed the piece to lighten it up a tad, and threw a small spout for it. I used a very tiny amount of clay (less than 1/2 lb.) and drilled a whole all the way to the bottom, and then proceeded to throw a small cylinder. I let the spot dry for a bit and decided to finish up the lid. Lids always give me a problem, it’s hard to measure the pot and the lid to fit exactly. I trimmed the lid up a bit, and added a diamond shaped nob on top. Something about the shape just seemed right! After I finished the lid I pulled the handle, a big ol’ long one! Once I let the handle stiffen up a bit, I supported the weak clay with a bunch of paper towels. I’m a little indifferent about the final product as of now, but I think once I get some glaze on this piece I’ll feel better about it! It’s crunch time because my portfolio review is coming up, and I want some new pieces. Check back to see this teapot glazed!


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