On Display

Since solidifying a conceptual direction for my thesis work, the biggest challenge I’ve been dealing with is how everything is going to be displayed for my thesis show in the spring. Working as the graduate assistant for the Marywood University Art Galleries this year has already taught me a lot about how much work goes into planning and setting up an exhibition. However, a recent trip to Dia:Beacon really amazed me by exposing how many possibilities there are for showing contemporary, 3D work in impactful ways.

Dia:Beacon was really an awe-inspiring facility and experience, and I like to think that I absorbed a ton of creative energy on that trip. I came back to the studio with big, new ideas, but was at a loss about where to start. I know I will need to put a lot of time and effort into planning out how I want to utilize the gallery space available to me to best convey my ideas, as I want to make the space as immersive as possible. At this point, to just have my pieces sitting on a pedestal would not have the effect I want to achieve. I may not know everything about my final plans, but I think a lot of larger construction projects may be in my future.

Featured Image: Jill Sibio, 2018 (taken at Dia:Beacon)

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