Onion, Shoe lace and Comb

Hello everyone! If you are reading the title and you are so confused, let me explain! In my lighting and Composition class, my professor had an idea to make a list of random objects that were obtainable and then randomly pick three objects out of a hat. The goal was to make the objects work together making it an interesting and pleasing photograph. The three objects I happen to randomly pick was an onion, shoe laces and a comb. This was a definitely a challenge.

The first image below, I used the shoe lace as the foreground making it somewhat in focus and out of focus. While the main focus was the onion, shadow and the end of the comb. All images are in black and white because they are more interesting and detailed while in color, the different colors were distracting and it was throwing me off on what I should focus more. I really liked how the end of the comb (it was a curved at one end) made this interesting shadow on the onion and the highlight on the onion you can see the fine detail of lines and cracks.

Image one

The second image, I think is the most interesting because again the use of the comb creates interesting shadows. When looking at it, the lines remind me of tiger stripes! I picked this image to show because you can get the idea of how I am composing and using all my objects. I was at the point where I was just messing around, and again trying to make it interesting.


The final image in which in my opinion is my favorite and every piece is contributing different ways. the onion, its the most light, detailed and focused. When looking at the image I am drawn more to the onion. The comb is on the side somewhat out and in focus but with the lighting and the combs spikes you can see creating a pattern making an interesting portion of the photo. Lastly, the shoe lace is totally out of focus, but a weird out of focus. Again, at this point I was just messing around and I thought it was interesting to have an image with this view point looking down on the objects.

image 3

I hope you enjoyed reading on how to make an image with an onion, shoe laces and comb. I somewhat had doubts on creating an interesting image with these objects while my other classmates were lucky on getting interesting and more understandable objects unlike mine. But I truly think I achieve the goal which was making an image using the random objects; making it pleasing to look at.

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