Student Spotlight: Mallory Lang

Image of Mallory Lang sitting in a staircase

Meet Mallory!

Mallory is a junior in the Art Therapy program here at Marywood with a minor in Psychology. Mallory’s artwork displays her talent and incorporates her Art Therapy background. If you would like to learn more about Mallory then keep reading!

Name: Mallory Lang

Major: Art Therapy

Minor: Psychology

I am majoring in Art because it is a major piece of my life and I would love to get into the art field for my job. Art has always been a passion of mine, and I cannot imagine not doing art.

The kinds of things that inspire me are my emotions as well as famous artists. I use art as an outlet to express my emotions. This is an amazing resource and beautiful work comes out of this kind of expression. You also always feel better about any situation after sitting down and creating. I also love to take inspiration from former artists and art movements. I love researching an artist I love and then taking their art and making it my own.

A digital image of a person with a bouquet of flowers covering the top of their head
A portrait done using coffee of a female subject looking directly at the viewer

My favorite art class so far was Painting II, because you are moving past the basics and expanding the way you think about a simple still life. Collier Parker, my professor, is showing us new inspirations, such as Matisse and Diebenkorn that allow us to express subjects in a new way. I am excited about the upcoming projects, moving into the halls, and to start painting the building.

When I am not in class I am usually at my job or hanging out with my friends. I have been cooking a lot more now that I am out of the dorms, so I love finding new recipes. I also am constantly sketching and creating in my sketchbook.

A picture of three separate paintings, all depicting The Beatles with brightly colored backgrounds

The coolest thing I have done at Marywood so far was winning a TV at Bingo night. I go to Bingo every night that it is available and I was able to win a Smart TV! I love Bingo night and definitely recommend it to everyone who goes to Marywood.

A painting of a person's face close up with the lips smeared into thick strokes of a purplish-red

When I graduate I would love to get my doctorate in either psychology or art therapy. I would also love to practice at an inpatient facility, in a hospital, or even in a jail. I am passionate about helping others through art therapy. I want to help those in serious need and be a sense of stability for them.

I would recommend the Art program at Marywood because of the tight-knit community. Each professor truly cares about their students and wants to get to know them. I love how much the teachers care, which was one of the reasons I wanted to come to Marywood in the first place, so it is very exciting that it is happening while being a student here.

What excites me most about Art is the healing aspect. Art is truly an amazing outlet for those in need. Sometimes people cannot express what they are feeling or what is hurting them, which is why art is a great attribution to therapy. Art therapy is very exciting and I cannot wait to practice. 

The advice that I would give to someone who is interested in going to school for art is DO IT!!! Don’t be scared or intimidated by studying art at a higher level. At first, I was scared because I thought I was not going to be at the right level of skill or other students would be better than me. That is not the case, everyone has a unique style and you cannot let that stop you from pursuing your dreams.

I hope you all enjoyed reading all about Mallory! Check back soon to see more posts from me and my fellow bloggers 🙂

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