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This weekend, with the fall weather rolling in, I decided that I wanted to adventure around Scranton and check out a new shop that I haven’t been to yet. On & On had their grand re-opening in their new location last weekend, as they’ve relocated to 1138 Capouse Ave.  I figured I would go check them out because they posted some cute pictures on their instagram page. To my surprise I was in heaven when I walked into their marketplace- antiques and local artist booths were everywhere! Two of my favorite things!

When you walk in the door you are greeted with a warm ambiance of art and decor.  To the left of the main entrance there is a wall full of work by some amazing local artists.  Here are some pictures from my journey through On & On:

StoneFawx Studios is run by a graphic designer and self-taught calligrapher named Abbey.  Although, this is not the first time that I have run into her work it is equally as amazing the second time around and I encourage you to find her on instagram @stonefawxstudios and follow her.

Three other vendors had booths around the store that intrigued me: @mechanicalconcepts had handcrafted re-purposed industrial home decor, Little Gems by EM’s hand crafted ceramic mugs sat beautifully on a shelf, and LuAnn Jenkins’s shop Not Your Grandma’s Cross Stitch hung with dignity.  Each vendor embodied their own mood in their individual section, yet they worked together in the whole space!

Throughout the marketplace there are various items from an old school typewriter, to silverware and dinnerware, clothes, dolls and the like.  Above are a few snapshots of the store and some things that I found interesting, but you’ll have to make a trip in to see for yourself!  They are constantly getting new products in.

Now on to my favorite part of the whole shop!  The old fashioned film cameras and photos!  I cannot describe how excited I was to walk around the corner to find a shelf full of Kodaks and Polaroids.  There is something special and absolutely stunning about these cameras, I love using them and developing their film- it is such a rewarding surprise to see what images you  have on the negatives.  We live in an age where everything is available in the palm of your hands and in an instant, and these cameras require patience and an acquired skill set to use.  If I could have I probably would have bought all of the cameras on the shelf, working or not, because someday I would love to have a shelf just like that in my studio or classroom to showcase the history of photography.


Finally, here are some of the business cards that I picked up on my walk through.  I highly encourage you to go visit On & On and discover truly how amazing it is!

Until my next adventure! You can find more of my work and journeys on instagram @nesouthart


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