Spoon Update

Hi everyone! So a few exciting things: the glaze kiln is loaded, and soon to be fired! Also, my workshop with Eric Landon (Tortus) is TOMORROW!!! I’m so incredibly excited, and nervous at the same time! I can’t wait to share the experience with you all! I’m going to take an obnoxious amount of pictures, videos, and of course selfies (I’m lame, I know)! IMG_3854 When the kiln is unloaded, I’ll have my inventory for ALF in a few weeks, which is also incredibly exciting and nerve racking! There’s a lot on my mind with all of this, but I think it’ll be a good roller-coaster!

So, back to spoons! As promised, I experimented with these little guys. I did three different styles, and I will definitely  be exploring them more. I made two small spoons, and one large scoop. All of these were thrown on the wheel, and then altered. The two smaller ones were thrown as separate pieces (handle, and spoon part). I threw the handles, then two small hollow spheres, cut them in half, and attached to the handle! As for the larger scoop, this was thrown as a completely closed form ( I forgot to take a before picture) but, once it dried a little, I cut into it in order to make the “scoop” part. My next feat will be glazing these, but I think they’re pretty adorable and worth exploring!

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