Orientation Part 2

Orientation Weekend was a blast! I can honestly say that I have never had fun like that. EVER!


I’ll start by talking about the training week. I learned a lot about handling all kinds of social situations. I can use the things I learned in my everyday life. As an Orientation Leader for the class of 2022, it was important to make everyone feel welcome. Even though training was important the bonding between the OL’s was equally as important. I have made so many new friends during the training week. By doing things I normally would not do in front of other people made me feel comfortable with everyone. I even participated in the skits. That’s not something I could have ever pictured myself doing but I did it. And I like to think that I do a pretty good Shrek.

Now when it comes to the day of orientation it couldn’t have run more smoothly.  Everyone welcomed the freshman with open arms. For me, it was really easy to talk and play games with the freshman in my small group. Like me, they were very happy to be attending Marywood. The students in my small group were not art majors but I mentioned CMYKlub to some of them and they were interested. They had an interest in the design club so that opened up a window for me to talk about what I know and love. CMYK may have potential new members!

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