Last semester, my friend and fellow blogger Carolyn and I decided that we would sign up to be Orientation Leaders for the class of 2022’s orientation. After orientation last week, I can confirm that it was a ton of fun!

At the beginning of the week of training, we got “teams” that consisted of other orientation leaders. Doing this, we got to know more people. We had to design shirts which was a super cute activity and we all got to dive into our artsy side!

My team was “Victorious Secret” (a play on words with Victoria’s Secret). Confused? See below! I was also able to practice my hand lettering, which is something I love doing!

I was a Family and Logistics leader, so I got to help put together billboards and decorate campus. It was a ton of work, but it was so rewarding. It was also lots of fun!

It was also so cool to be able to talk to parents and hear why their students chose Marywood. I was able to talk to parents of students going into the art department. That was so neat!

It was also cool to be able to meet some of the freshmen ahead of time. Carolyn was able to recruit people for art department’s CMYK club (it’s super awesome, you should check it out!!)

On top of welcoming the freshmen, I was also able to meet other upperclassmen that I didn’t really know. Overall it was so much fun and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

I can’t wait until the fall semester starts so I can meet everyone and welcome them on campus. Orientation made me realize that even though I am enjoying my break, I still miss Marywood so much! It made me so excited for the fall semester so I can take more design classes and go back to working for the school paper!


All the OL’s in our creative shirts!

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