Adding Old to the New

From a few posts ago, I decided to add some roses in ink to the summer watercolor painting I created. I was more or less just playing around and trying different things out with this particular painting, but I felt that my type of ink rose would be a nice addition to the piece. This painting involves a lot of back and forth motion of color that were created by the way I was painting with the brush. In the picture below, you can witness the type of motion I am discussing.


Now with this piece, I added some of my roses (which tend to be one of my favorite things to draw or add to a piece of mine). I really enjoyed the colors of this piece, the movement, but I felt like it was missing something. With that being said, I took out my pen and started to imitate the areas of certain color with ink roses. I was unsure in the beginning on how it would turn out, but as I proceeded with this idea, I enjoyed it more! I definitely think that this is an idea I can play with in the future, maybe for a larger piece and not one for so much practice. Because these roses take a little bit of a longer time to create, I did not add them in all of the desired places just yet, but here is an update so far on how they turned out! I’m excited to see where this addition goes and anticipating sharing it with the rest of you!

Featured image: [an example of the new addition]

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