Our Natural Call

MUSATA – Marywood University’s Student Art Therapy Association – had the opportunity to display their artwork in the Suraci Gallery at Marywood University. Although it was a snowy night, those who came out left pleased with the pieces shown in the gallery.

This was MUSATA’s first show and as a whole, I think this exhibit meant a lot to our club members and those who participated. I felt very honored to be a part in this show’s organization! The title, “Our Natural Call to Art Therapy” was given to this show to express how each of the participants found their calling into the art therapy career. Whether it was a piece of jewelry, a painting, a collage, or sculpture, each piece had such a meaningful narrative behind it. It is truly amazing to see how different mediums, a variety of color, and such diverse background stories can come together and show themselves through artwork. Really shows the strong power art has!


We all lead different lives. No matter the struggles we have all faced and how we coped with those difficulties, the call for art therapy found us all, which is truly extraordinary.

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