Overlap In Classes

Due to me taking two art history classes, Baroque and Art History II, there was obviously going to be some overlap sometime throughout the year. Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about art in the 17th century and that is the Baroque period of art. So during classes it feels like I been having deja vu when the same work of art or artist comes up for discussion. The good thing about this is the new perspectives I get to hear from different people in my classes about the artist and their art work that I might have not seen before.

This week, in my Art History II class, we started to look at art in France during the 18th century, Baroque and Rococo. I found the art really interesting due to the fact that the art work we looked at this week was painted right before the start of the French Revolution. I am currently taking a French Revolution class too, so I knew a lot of what we were talking about in the class. In my History class we looked at some sketches about the French Revolutions for reference but looking into the more famous art during that period was really interesting like Hyacinthe Rigaud’s painting of King Louis XIV and Bernini’s sculpture of King Louis XIV. The weird but exciting thing is seeing the dramatic change in the way the style of art changed after King Louis the XIV died, this is basically when the Rococo period of art started. Rococo is a lot softer with the brush strokes and has a lighter palette, the backgrounds of the paintings also have this hazy feel to it. It’s nice that I know more of the background about that time period while learning about the art, its why I love art history in general, there is always something more to learn about it.

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