Paintings With Captions

While on spring break, I discovered many incredible artists while wasting my time away on the internet. Today, I will discuss the last artist I found. His name is Michael MacRae and he creates works that are strangely beautiful. They’re not strange in the way that our previous artist, Nicholas Bruno’s, artwork was, not are they anything like the suburban miniatures of our first artist, Joshua Smith. However, Michael’s works tell a story in their own way.

While I could not find much about his personal life, I did find links to both his deviantART and his Tumblr account. He also includes little side stories with each of his works. The story I found that was included with the featured image today was this:

“Heed the creatures of these woods       …for no matter how small or innocent they seem, do not be deceived. They harbour a malice creed of unnatural means.”

Although he has created many works, all visually intriguing in their own way, one particularly interested me, perhaps because the picture and the caption leave an entire story to be imaginedpainting young man and young woman smoking in a field

“That was the most fun I’ve ever had… exhausted, bloody and with newfound appreciation for the fragility of modern automobiles, the two sat exhausted with thousand-yard stares. ‘So, where to now?’ he asked. A long moment passed before she spoke. ‘I think that was the most fun I’ve ever had.'”

He has many more works, all available for viewing on the two links I’ve provided. They’re all interesting in their own way, and each tells a story even without the added caption. He is incredibly talented, and his work speaks for itself.

(Photo credits to Michael MacRae)

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