Paint and Sip

This week at Marywood University had been pretty crazy so may as well talk about something happy! This weekend I went to a paint and sip night with my mom, her friend Joanne, and my boyfriend Jordan. We went to the usual place we go to paint ceramics. This week the paint and sip night was painting pumpkins with a starry night touch. There were eight people all of together and we all got along great. Some of us had painted all our lives, or at least have experience, while others haven’t. I really loved how mine turned out, every person had a different take on the painting. It was really cool to see how every ones painting turned out. Starting with the paintings below, the first one is the painting by the teacher, then mine, my moms, Jordan’s, and then Joanne’s.

The rest of the paint and sip paintings from the class is below.

Also this week, I painted some mini pumpkins which turned out adorable, except the biggest one with the spider wed. I got tired and lazy during the pumpkin with the spider web. My favorite is the little angry old man with the mustache.

Other then painting pumpkins and pumpkin painting, I have a huge project in Green Piece called the capstone project which is due at the end of the semester. We are in groups and we still need to figure out exactly we are doing so hopefully we can figure out things better this week. Since it is a once a week class I hope we have enough time in and out of class to do this project, but I’m still excited to see how it turned out in the end.

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