First Friday: Scary Show

A great way to start out the spooky month of October was this month’s First Friday Scranton. As stated in an earlier post, First Friday is a great way to get together with some friends and look at some of the local art. A few of the galleries this month had spooky themes that was perfect to get you excited for Halloween and other fall activities.

This month, one of the highlights of the night was Christine Medley’s The Workshop. The theme was Scary Show. Some members of the Marywood’s CMYKlub submitted work that was displayed in her workshop. Prints with Halloween themes and movies such as “Nightmare on Elm Street,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” and Yoshi with a few Boos were a few of the pieces that were on the walls. Even the sidewalk and sign outside the shop were decorated to fit the Halloween theme.

first friday october

There were also a bunch of spooky buttons available for those who wanted cute buttons with Halloween themed designs on them. The designs were made by former blogger Samantha Strausser who currently works there for her fieldwork (internship) experience. Smaller buttons and coasters of baby birds were made by the current Printmaking blogger Tristan Tregaskis who has a post about the creation of his design which you can find here. It is always fun to see teachers and fellow students’ artwork in a shop or gallery.

scary show

At The Workshop, you can pick up a coaster that was made for that specific month. Of the months I’ve gone to First Friday, I have seen Mother’s Day, St, Patrick’s Day, and Halloween themed coasters to name a few. Each one is unique and handmade which is really neat.


Next month for First Friday I recommend going to The Workshop as one of your stops. The shop is filled with so many interesting things that revolve around letterpress and printmaking. Out of all the times I’ve visited the shop, there is always something new and interesting that I didn’t see the last time I was there. Christine also has classes in the shop which you can also find on her website.

Feel free to say “hi” next First Friday. Hope to see you there.

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