Painting Days

This past week my cousin’s wife had her baby “sprinkle”- she’s having a little boy in August! I wanted to get her something original for the baby’s room so I decided to make a painting. I searched on Pinterest for some inspiration, and asked my family members if there was a theme for the room yet. So far I only knew the colors that she was going to use. I decided to use a quote I found on Pinterest, and wing it from there. I got out my acrylic paints and sat outside on the porch and had at it!


Paintings like this are so fun for me because it doesn’t need to look like anything specific. I like just seeing where a painting takes itself. I painted the background all a dark blue, and from there I added silhouettes of mountains in different shades of blues. After that I tried my hand at some calligraphy, and wrote the quote! It says “Little Man Cave,” which I thought it would be cute and fitting for a little boys room. It only took about an hour to paint, and I really like the outcome. I plan to keep making small paintings like this just to keep my mind working creatively. Maybe I’ll do a bunch and add them to my Etsy account! That’s all I have for this week, thanks for reading guys!

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