Painting for the Illustrator Assignment (Expressionism)

Reference Image

During the time in my painting class with Dennis Corrigan, I have gained a new perspective on how to create art and learn through the whole process.

In the second project of the class (Expressionism Assignment), the goal was to use a reference picture “depicting people crammed together”. We would then study it and trace over the main shapes and values to reveal and simplify the form. Next, we premixed a color palette from an expressionistic piece the appeals to us and apply it to our own work. The main idea of this project was to simplify and focus on general shapes and values while also learning and pulling ideas from references.

I began the assignment through procreate and I was constantly reminding myself to take my time. I often get caught up in making a successful piece as quickly as possible, but this project has taught me to just let mistakes happen. (Note the poor perspective on the tableware.) A successful design doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to have quality.

Originally, I was going to leave the assignment there and submit what I had, but I decided that it would be best to take more time on it and translate my digital creation to a physical piece.

(Full Painting Process)

Overall, I feel that I have learned to slow down and bring myself to create through multiple processes, rather than finishing it as quickly as possible.

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